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My Brief Story

Arvelle Lanham, Sr., is an accomplished individual who embarked on a remarkable journey seeking self-improvement from a modest start in the mailroom to achieving success as an Information Technology Systems Engineer, ultimately leading oneself to becoming an entrepreneur. Along this path, Arvelle discovered the importance of building effective systems and processes that yield internal results built off value first. This journey also led to the realization that becoming one's own coach and empowerment influence didn't necessitate limitations some systems may provide but instead required a fundamental understanding of how to guide one's path. Arvelle found the key to this knowledge within real-world experiences, through personal, relationship, and religious experiences, as well as working within the corporate world and as an entrepreneur. These real-world experiences ultimately became the driving force behind this 4-step character-building system, "MeLoBeInG: Flawed Perfection," leading to personal growth and success in all endeavors. Arvelle Lanham, Sr., is a public speaker, lifestyle coach, consultant, and mentor. "MeLoBeInG: Flawed Perfection” is a Lifestyle Character-Building System that focuses on building one's character in real life with a unique character-building system. It possesses a unique and powerful philosophy centered on transforming lives by Creating Life, Expanding the Mind, Body and Spirit, to Sharing the Love to Seek the Truth in all things.

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